April 20, 2012

Zoom, zoom

I got a new lens for my camera (yay!). At Christmas, my lovely wife bought me a new camera, a Canon Rebel T3i with an 18-55mm wide angle zoom lens. For my birthday, I got some cold hard cash towards a telephoto zoom. Yesterday, I picked up a 70-300mm zoom lens.

My original lens went from here:


to here:


My new lens goes from here:


to here:



April 19, 2012

Ask an Atheist anything...

Apparently, today is "National Ask an Atheist Day." Who knew? Now, most people I know are not under any illusions about my beliefs, and for the most part, they play no part in my day to day life. But, if you happen to have a question about atheists or atheism that you'd like answered, hey, now's the time. Ask away, and I will do my best to provide reasonable, considered answers.

In fact, I don't even care if the question is about or relating to atheism at all. Let's make this one of those "Ask Me Anything" memes that Jaquandor likes to do over at Byzantium's Shores.