November 08, 2008

OK, so I was wrong

Yes, I said it. I was wrong. I must say that I have rarely ever been so pleased to have been wrong. I am somewhat encouraged that all is not necessarily lost for the USA. There are some grown-ups living down there after all. Well done, America.


Dan said...

I'm glad you were wrong too. It makes me wonder what else you're wrong about? And yes. I'm looking at your Beemster and your taste in scotch.

Seriously, though, I wouldn't say you were really all that wrong. The McCain campaign began its implosion with the announcement of Palin as his VP candidate, and that shuttled a lot of folks over to Obama as he came off looking monumentally more educated and aware and smart.

Then again, it could just be the result of them being too preoccupied with whether or not Obama was a Muslim that they forgot about the fact that he's black.

Dawn Allynn said...

I am also glad you were wrong. But I am also more than mildly disconcerted to find out that i was wrong as well. I was under the ridiculous idea that except for some belligerent and determined leftovers from the south, that the majority of stupid bigoted people in the United States were almost a distant memory.

Unfortunately this campaign brought the lots of them out, to my horror and shame.