January 04, 2009

Hi there

It's me.

Yep, still alive.

I know, I haven't been around much. Seems I don't have as much time for the Internet as I used to. Sorry.

Christmas was good. Gave a couple of winners. Got a couple of winners. Spent some really good quality time with family. Stuff like that.

New Years was good. Pretty much like every year - sat around with friends, had a great dinner, drank a bit too much, toasted with champagne at midnight, went to bed not too long after.

Didn't make any resolutions. Pretty much never do.

What about you?


Dan said...

I'm good, Captain Paul. Christmas was good, New Year's was good, and the fraction of time between the two was a blur of not knowing one day from the other.

Other than that, glad to see you're still on this side of the grass. Keep up the good work.

Astaryth said...

Good to see a post from you! Hope that all the things keeping you away from here are good things. Winter Holidays were O.K... nothing spectacular either good or bad. meh!

émilie b said...

Many a family party, much messing up of the kids' sleep schedule, too many new toys to fit the house... lots of fun, though.

I'm making a list of resolutions. I know: resolutions end up depressing people, because many don't reach their goal, but that's why I make a bunch of precise ones, instead of one or two big ones. I actually like to have goals. I might post them up soon.

Barbara said...

Good to hear from you, Paul. I'm glad you enjoyed your Christmas. We did as well. And no, no resolutions here.

Anonymous said...

Glad you're alive. And, you know, I didn't make any resolutions either. It's too much like admitting there is something wrong with me.

Simon said...

My last day of work was December 23rd and I'm only back at the desk this morning, the 5th. Nice break! Would have been at work for part of the 24th but the basement sewer backed up and that sort of took priority.

Christmas: good.
New year's eve: good.
Weight: static. (good!)
Mexico: 26 days from now.

andi said...

lurk, schmurk.

"15" eh? god...

happy new year buddy.