March 14, 2009

The ABCs of Curling - J

illum_j is for Jitney, an informal curling outing. Not part of regular league play, and really too small to be considered a bonspiel, a Jitney may encompass one or two games, but winning and losing takes a back seat to fun and friendship. The off-ice socializing after the games is just as important as the games themselves at a Jitney.

J is for Juniors. Junior curlers, separated into three divisions: little rocks - ages 6-12, bantam - ages 12-16, and junior - ages 16-20, are the lifeblood of any curling club. While membership drives to bring in new adult curlers are important to the health of any club, those curlers who start at an early age become the most avid and competitive club members. Today's juniors are tomorrow's champions.

J is for Jennifer Jones, a four time Canadian Women's Champion, and former World Champion curler from Manitoba. The Jennifer Jones team represented Canada at the 2014 Winter Olympics at Sochi, Russia.  Jennifer is a former Junior national champion as well.

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Simon said...

Paul, J is the first letter encountered where I wasn't at least familiar with the terms explained. Never even heard of a jitney before. Learnin' on a Sunday morning... what could possibly happen next?

Call me Paul said...


I could find no "official" reference to the word Jitney in relation to curling (or any sport for that matter), but came across several curling club websites mentionaing it. They all seemed to have the same definition of the word that we at the Richmond Hill Curling Club use. I also found the same word used to describe similar outings for both Lawn Bowls, and Darts.