July 06, 2009

New commenting practices at AWV

Due to a recent spate of spam commenting, in Japanese no less - I had to use Google Translate to find out how I could increase my "male performance" - I have been forced to institute a couple of new measures here at Aurora Walking Vacation. First is the "captcha" system. All commenters will be required to enter the verification word. I'm sure you've seen this system in use at many blogs. It is intended to defeat automatic commenting bots by requiring human eyes to read and interpret an image of a word, rather than a piece of text. Second, comments on posts older than fourteen days will be moderated. I will have to approve those comments before they appear on the blog, so if you are leaving a comment on an older entry, don't be alarmed when it doesn't show up immediately.

I regret having to do this, but it's better for me than spending fifteen minutes every day deleting spam posts.


Simon said...


I may just start a new practice of telling you every single CAPTCHA word I am forced to enter as a result of this policy of yours. Not that I blame you. I keep getting emailed the new comments that appear after mine, so it's perfectly understandable, and saves me the time reading (or at least looking, in the case of the Japanese ones) the spam.

Charley said...

So seriously, how do you increase your male performance?

krissy knox said...


Yuck. I hate captchas. Can't say I blame you, however, as I wouldn't want spam,especially spam in the japanese language telling me how to increase my performance! So I guess we'll put up with it if we want to comment. The lesser of two evils.

krissy knox :)
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krissy knox said...

Oh, we have to wait for blog owner approval also? Wow!

krissy knox :)
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