September 18, 2009

A Friday random ten

Here are the first ten songs randomly selected by iTunes to populate my iPod today:

1) See How I Miss You - Bruce Cockburn
2) Subculture - New Order
3) Children And All That Jazz - Joan Baez
4) Aranjuez - Robert Michaels
5) Practice What You Preach - Barry White
6) Someone That You're With - Nickelback
7) 4:39 AM (For The First Time Today - Part 2) - Roger Waters
8) Cum On Everybody - Eminem
9) Alien (Live Version) - Bush
10) Right Hand Man - Joan Osborne

An interesting collection of songs, I thought. Have an interesting weekend, everybody.


Dan said...

I think listening to those songs in that order could shatter my brain. I mean, going from Barry White to Nickelback and on to Eminem seems like something not many people are qualified to handle.

fdtate said...

Yeah, what Dan said. Some great artists here, but I bet it made for some wicked tempo swings.

Cathy said...

Hey long time no me, sorry bout that. These tunes, very eclectic which is KEWL I'd definitely agree on some but M&M no way. Is rap considered music? Confused on that one.

Dawn said...

WOW... I agree with Dan. Just... wow.

be well...