March 23, 2010

Weekend Assignment #311: Cheese It!

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Karen says:

Weekend Assignment #311: What is your favorite kind of cheese and why? Do you have it often, or just occasionally?
Extra Credit: Is there a kind of cheese you hate?

Yeah, I'm a cheese fan. A big cheese fan. Last summer the wife and I went down to the St. Lawrence Market and bought rice and cheese. We bought nothing other than rice and cheese, and we spent about seventy five dollars. Mmmm, cheese.

Lessee, in the fridge right this instant we have: cheddar (of course - probably a couple of different varieties), mozzarella (for all that Italian cooking), provolone (goes good on cold cut sandwiches), swiss (no - wait, I just finished the swiss for my night time snack), roquefort (a form of blue cheese {although roquefort's marbling is more green} that I think I will use in an omelet this weekend), Kraft processed food-type cheese-flavoured slices (Matt won't eat a grilled cheese sandwich made with anything else), and Beemster.

I saved the best for last.

Mmmm, Beemster. We discovered Beemster several years ago, and enjoyed it so much we try to always have some in the house. It is a very versatile cheese, going well with crackers or by itself. It also melts well, making it great for cooking. I like to grate it over cauliflower, or put it on burgers. Then there's the onion, bacon, Beemster and lime omelet. Very yummy.

Is there a cheese I don't like? I haven't found one yet. But, you know, I haven't tried them all, so I guess anything's possible.


Karen Funk Blocher said...

This is turning into a learning experience for me. I'm off to Google Beemster. Thanks for participating!

EmcogNEATO! said...

I'm with Matt. Only Kraft singles go on my grilled cheese. And I have discovered I don't like gruyere. Whooboy does that stuff stink.

Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

We love our cheese. Just last night we were bummed out that our parmesan cheese was moldy and could not be used on our pasta.

Beth said...

Mmmmm love love love cheese. I've never heard of Beemster? Details, please?

I prefer the Swiss-type cheeses, like Jarlsberg and Emmenthaler. Well, I like all kinds, but those are some of my favorites. Also a fan of smoked Gouda.

Beth said...

Sorry, I meant to put a period after Beemster. I really don't talk in questions, and that's pet peeve of mine.