February 25, 2010

Where all you all coming from?

This blog, which usually gets between five and fifteen unique visitors per day, has averaged over 60 hits a day over the last ten days, with a high of 91 unique visitors on February 20th. Virtually all of that traffic has been generated by Google searches for curling related terms. The most common searches have been for variations on 'curling t line'. That comprised about 41% of incoming traffic. Another twelve percent of people were looking for information on curling measuring devices, and six percent seem to want to know how thick curling ice is.

The ABCs of curling series is certainly not an in-depth look at the game, but I hope those of you who have checked it out have found something interesting to take away.


Dan said...

Olympic uptick. Plus, you're Canadian, so you're automatically an authority on three things: Beer, Hockey, and Curling.

The cool thing is that curling is really catching on here in the states. It started to grow in popularity with the Torino Games, and, for whatever reason, a lot of Americans are really intrigued by it. There's something very relaxed, elegant, and approachable about the sport of curling.

It just seems like a fun thing to do.

Wil said...

I warned you, Paul.

But, did you heed Uncle Wil's warning?


Arun said...

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It doesn't have to look spammy and full of ads, just a few tastefully placed text links.
Unless of course your not a fan of making free and easy money ...
Let me know if you want some tips.

cmh said...

You really do have a well-written blog, Paul. Looks elegant, too. Does curling have a mag you could write for? --Cin