September 10, 2011

Let's play a game

Apparently, this blog is the first result in a Google search for the phrase, "npr penguin poem mary poppins asks do you like kids and the penguin says yes in a red wine sauce."

Ima let that sink in for a little bit. According to my stat package, someone actually visited AWV from a Google results page for that combination of words. I cannot image why someone would Google that combination of words. That's where you come in.

Please feel free to speculate in the comments what you think the person who typed in that search criteria was really looking for.


Barry Leiba said...

Can't say where your search phrase came from, but I can tell you my favourite from my blog:
« please help me! i’m being hunted by a government agency that doesn’t exist. »

Emily Suess said...

OK, here ya go: Someone was listening to an episode of NPR's "Writer's Almanac" in their car and heard a poem that they liked and wanted to look up when they returned to the internet. In the poem, there must have been some reference to Mary Poppins and a penguin that likes kids in a red wine sauce. I'm going to search for such a poem now. Sounds interesting and potentially witty.

Call me Paul said...

I can guess what your search results will feature...

Anonymous said...

Do you have a recipe for "kids in a red wine sauce" in your blog archives? Maybe with Balderson's cheese?
And we all know Mary Poppin's was prepared for anything, so she is the most sensible person to include in a search for just such a recipe.

Seems simple to me.