September 24, 2011

Blogroll blues

Today I noticed that the link to my blogroll no longer works. (Over there... to the right. Scroll down a bit, see under where it says, "The Links"? No, don't click on it - I told you, it doesn't work anymore.) I guess Bloglines, where it used to be hosted, is defunct. The service was taken over by a company called Merchant Circle, but clearly the functionality is different. So, you currently cannot see my blogroll - that is, the list of blogs that I read regularly.

I don't know, is that still a thing? Do people still want to see that? Let me know.

Also, let me know if you have any ideas or suggestions for replacing the blogroll with another service or widget to display it. What do you do on your blog?


Shelly said...

Yeah, Bloglines shut down. Then they got bought and it looked like all would be well, but then the new owner was gonna change everything or some such, and I bailed. I read blogs via Google Reader now and Blogger has a widget to access that. I have a short list in most of my blogs now. I don't know how many people actually look at my blogs since it's so much easier to read via a reader. Some even read Cyber Chocolate in Facebook and comment there. I have the feed posting to FB.

Emily Suess said...

I'm ambivalent about blogrolls, but I read some Blogger blogs that use the little widget linked below. It's a news feed kind of blogroll. It would take up way more sidebar space than the old Bloglines link, though.

Jenny said...

i use my blog list, also shows you when people have updated their blogs. Click on design and you will find it their.
Jenny <><

Beth said...

Yeah, I use Google reader, and don't pay much attention to blogrolls. But as others said, I know some people use them to read blogs.

I was going to suggest a Shelfari bookshelf, but I see you already have a book list! You could also do a playlist (I use Finetune), but just make sure it's one that you have to click to play. It bugs me when someone has autoplay on their blog!