March 13, 2012

I can not has Internet now?

As a quick follow-up to my previous - non-photographic - Internet cat post; my wife came home from work to find out she could not access the World Wide Web from her laptop for some unknown reason. After a significant amount of generally ineffectual troubleshooting, we discovered the laptop's internal wi-fi card had been turned off. Apparently, in getting comfortable on the keyboard earlier in the day, Kitteh had managed to simultaneously press the shift key, and the F-whatever key that has the little picture of an antenna on it.

Do you think she's trying to tell us something?


Barbara said...

Yes, "less time on the web and more time petting me!"

Beth said...

It's not uncommon for Sheeba to walk across my keyboard and change the font size. The first time it happened, the font size was so tiny I could barely read it, and I had to try to figure out how to embiggen it again. Now I know how to fix it, so it just makes me laugh!

Anonymous said...

Yes. Kitteh is telling you WiFi causes brain cancer. Animals know these things.
Turn it off before you get a toomah!


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