March 07, 2012

I am a bad Internet user

Yeah. So. It's March 7th, and the top article on my blog is still something Christmas themed. I am a bad Internet user.

As an example, I offer you today's event. I am walking through the dining room, and I see the kitten sleeping on the keyboard of my wife's laptop.

Do I:

A) Run and get a camera to take a picture of the kitten on the keyboard, and post it online for all to say, "awwww?"


B) Shoo the cat off the freakin' computer, blow on the keyboard to get any hair and/or dander out of it, and close the laptop?

As there is no graphical component to this entry, you, do doubt, can guess the answer.

I'm sorry.


Marc said...

Wow, what are the odds that we'd both get back to our blogs today after some time away?

Alec said...

I won't be satisfied until there is a picture of you in duckface.

Sir David said...

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