October 29, 2008

More stuffs

That snow from last week? It all melted the next day. Then, it snowed more last night. So, we have another thin, white blanket over the ground this morning. Apparently, Ottawa was supposed to get fifteen centimeters last night. It's not even November yet.

It's sunny out right now. It'll all probably be gone again this time tomorrow.


The wife spent yesterday at the Toronto Food Bank with her work group. They sorted and packed food all day long. She says they had to throw out almost as much as they packed. Apparently, many people think that donating to the food bank is a good thing to do with those items they find in their cupoboard that are past the best before date.

People! If you won't feed it to your family, don't suggest that someone else should feed it to theirs. If you have ever done this, I order you to go out to the grocery store - right now - and buy a brand new package of powdered milk, and a jar of peanut butter, and drop them off at your local food bank immediately. And, if you've never given anything to a food bank, hey, now's as good a time as any to start.


That whole gym thing? Yeah...uh...I'm slipping. Been busy. Had colds. I've only been out three times in the last thirty days. And that's just not good enough.

The good news: I went yesterday, and it felt really good to work out. So, here's hoping I can get back into the routine. Also, my pecs are sore.


émilie b said...

Snow... Gah! I know. I've seen New Jersey on the news yesterday night, and I'm so glad our trip to NY was not two weeks later.

People donating expired food don't seem to have gotten the intention right.

AC@45 said...

I took a couple of photos on the way to work this morning wit hte cell phone.. I will have to remember not to do this anymore, that would be a $500 fine don't you know.

Already did the food bank thing with kids schools .. thank you for the reminder though

Sounds good about the gym .. we are in a bet here at work, Winner is person who loses most % of weight before Jan 29/09. So I was on the bike last night before I went to bed ..watching how I eat, etc.

Oh by the way you can host at fileden.com or googlepages .. your call

Simon said...

No snow here yet, although there were a few trace flakes when we had a rather huge windstorm on the weekend. Tree fell over and killed a guy in his car. Go figger.

I've been doing the early morning workouts, and that's been good for me. It's the 5.30 am alarms that take a while to get used to.

Dawn said...

I keep hoping for snow, but it hasn't reached my part of NJ yet. Dang. We just sent in stuff for the school for the food bank. None expired, mind you.

be well...

Jenny said...

I for one am not going back to the gym. What with fainting after getting off the treadmill and hitting my head and elbow on the wall, bruising both and my hip. Blisters on my bum from the bike and painful joints. No thank you.
Jenny <><

Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

Shame that people provide past use date items, don't they know that that puts the liability in the wrong place. Bless your wife for helping :o)

Leigh said...

My favorite donation is cash for filling in the gaps of needed items-no expiration dates(yet)!

:) Leigh

Good job on the workouts!