October 22, 2008

Two stuffs

We had a federal election up here last week. Our Conservative Party won more seats in the House of Commons than any other single party, but not a majority of the available seats, leaving them to manage what we call a "minority government." Which is pretty much status quo, as that's the situation we've been in for the last two years. A minority goverment is an interesting situation because the governing party does not control enough votes in the house to pass legislation without the co-operation of members of other parties. This leads to an unprecedented amount of compromise and co-operation within the house, as the government will make concessions to the opposition parties in return for support for their initiatives.

It usually leads to a lack of contoversial legislation being passed, which can be both a good thing and a bad thing. It also means a short sitting period for a government, as a non-confidence vote is certain to eventually take place. We'll be back at the polls in probably less than another two years to do it all again.

I have read a number of opinions online from fellow Canadians who are scadalized that the Conservatives won another election. They seem to think Stephen Harper and his associates are out to ruin the country in some way. The most common commentary seems to equate Harper and the Conservatives with George Bush and the American Republican party, which is ridiculous. The Canadian political parties do not line up with the traditional American parties in ideology. Sure, the Liberals are more liberal minded, and the Conservatives are more, well, conservative, but both parties are far closer to the center of the political spectrum than the GOP and the Democrats.

While American conservatives can't seem to open their mouths without threatening to trample all over the rights of women, homosexuals, or non-christians, the Canadian Conservative Party has repeatedly stated that changes to Canada's human rights laws - permissive of gay marriage, abortion, and religious freedom - are not on their agenda. And have showed absolutely no indication over the last two years that they plan to change that position. Crying about those issues is nothing more than mindlessly parroting opposition talking points, so just stop it, OK?


It snowed here. All day long. None of it stayed on the ground though...until about 4:30. Now the front lawn is completely covered in a blanket of white. Put me in mind of this:

I predict high volume panic sales of snow tires tomorrow.


Dan said...

Man... That commercial cracked me up. It hurts.

I'm thinking your country isn't as hopelessly fraked up as we poor folks down here. We need something to change after the past eight years. The economy is crumbling. Health care is disappearing. Folks are losing their homes. Cats and dogs living together in perfect harmony! War, Famine, Pestilence and some cat named Death hangin' on Bourbon Street looking to buy a shrimp po' boy.

It's all mad. Mad! I tell you!

I wish I had a funny commercial now.

Simon said...

I just told my wife the other night that that is my new favourite commercial. I laughed the first time I saw it. Reminded me of one of the police chase skits from the Kids in the Hall. Back in the day.

Oh and, yeah. I'm not really busted up over Harper getting in again. I'd've hated to see Dion in there -- glad he's being ousted. I didn't vote for my local Tory candidate, but I knew that's who'd get in anyway. Doesn't get much bluer than Alberta, know what I mean? Still, the minority is a good step to some more change, and we'll see what the next couple years bring.

émilie b said...

Semi-permanent snow in the following days, are you kidding me? This is what is about to come up our Northeastern way? We've had a something that looked like snow this morning, but it was just coldish rain.

I miss NYC. 15C and sunny the whole weekend.

Dawn said...

Now that you told our conservatives to stop - I am sure they will. @@ LOL

That commercial had me almost wetting my pants! LOL Snow already? SEND IT TO NJ!!! Waaahhhhhh! I want SNOW!

be well...

Alec Lynch said...

I admit I'm one of those people that is really unhappy to have more years of Harper, though not simply because I see him as a Canuck Bush, and I admit I wasn't terribly excited about the alternatives this time around. And ya can't even blame this election on a non-confidence vote bringing him down and us back to the polls again, since he pretty much broke the spirit of his own law to hold it.

I never had much of a huge problem with the Conservative party, but a lot of what the Alliance (who now make up a good chunk of the Conservatives) represented did scare me.

I haven't been a fan of Harper and don't think he's done a particularly good job, but I also realize he hasn't been the boogy-man a lot of people claim him to be. That said, I sleep easier knowing he's only got a minority government.

I suspect that we'll have a Conservative government for some time to come. After all, anyone that wants to vote anywhere right of center only has the Conservatives to choose from, whereas people anywhere along the spectrum left of center divide their vote amongst several parties.

p.s. Hilarious commercial. :)

Dornbrau said...

I don't normally say this buy... OMG... that was halarious!
Oh yeah, and... regarding your comment in my bloggers anon. blog... you are a brat! But I think I've already told you that before haven't I?

Kate said...

Hi Paul - so here you are in Bloggerland! Good to hear from you. Keep up the entertaining writing,


natalie said...

dear Paul,
this is what I love about you...
okay some of that!
the point being I wish that we could pull all of our rubbish out of our politics and place it firmly on the curb!
Especially such offensive blubber such as people trying to decide who may marry whom and what women can do with their own bodies. PleasssssssssssssssssE!the baner does nothing to help anyone but hurts most