February 24, 2009

Do you have biblical morals?

So, does this mean I have no morals...?

Your morality is 0% in line with that of the bible.

Damn you heathen! Your book learnin' has done warped your mind. You shall not be invited next time I sacrifice a goat.

Do You Have Biblical Morals?
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Or does it just mean I got my morals from somewhere other than The Bible?

Hey, what did you score?

via Pharyngula


Simon said...

Zero, dammit.

I was quite tempted, though, to keep the wife and child as slaves of my own.

Rebecca Anne said...

It says, "You've let rational thought pollute your mind, but there is hope. Slaughter a bird, paint its blood on the walls of your home, and pray for forgiveness."

Good. Gawd. All. Mighty. Did I honestly just take that quiz? And two of you got 0%.....

I'm wordless now.

Anonymous said...

I don't think I'll take the test. It would be an unprofitable line of inquiry for me. The bible, like so many things, is malleable. Even if I believed in a Creator God & a certain version of the Bible(again having to pick a version), morals & morality go through a filtering process for each individual and often get distorted until they become situational morals.

I've picked up my ideas of right & wrong, in their greater parts, from my Mom, Dad, Uncle Bill & Aunt Marcia-Mom & Dad Catholic, Uncle Bill Atheist, Aunt Marcia Jewish. Yet, generally, they shared very similar moral codes.

Then there is living life, maturing(some never do the maturing part), environment, level of honesty with one's self. I think it all leads to what you should do; now doing it is a different matter. I don't think, largely, that people who read the bible act more "moral" than those who do not. Application is different from exposure. ~Mary

Cathy said...

This is actually very complimentary to you Paul, I'd be proud of your objective curious side which doesn't brook myths or unproven parables. Anybody can believe anything, it's harder to stick with your own truth and ignore the crowd. I think the judeo-Christian ethic is more likely a way for folks to feel they're liked by other folks.

Call me Paul said...

I gotta ask, Rebecca Anne, on which questions did you answer something other than (a)?

David Rickel said...

My daughter scored zero, the heathen wretch. I suppose I should gather the villgers and drag her outside the town limits and stone her to death

Instead, I gave her a cookie. Bad daddy.

Wil said...

Glad I've found ya again, kiddo. Oh, it was me what lost you. Damn pidgeon holes.

Oh yeah ... I scored zero, too.

Barbara said...

According to that quiz, I have no Biblical morals either. But like many quizes and opinion polls can be slanted to give a desired result, this one was. The questions delt with history in the Bible, with Old Testament law for the nation of Isreal before the completion of the law in Christ Jesus. There was no forgiveness of sin, so yes, one infraction meant death.

One must look to the proverbs and parables for the morality of the Bible.