February 24, 2009

Monday Photo Shoot

   Back when this blog lived on AOL, the community blogfather, John Scalzi, used to run regular participation memes, like the Weekend Assignment and the Monday Photo Shoot. Since the demise of John's AOL blog, By The Way (indeed, the demise of all AOL blogs), those two memes have been taken over by other former members of what we used to call AOL J-land. Karen, at Outpost Mavarin original took them both on, but eventually passed the Monday Photo Shoot on to Carly, at Ellipsis.
   My participation in the Photo Shoot was always occasional, as I'm not very active as a photographer, but once in a while Carly comes up with a topic that allows me to troll my back catalogue for images, rather than take new ones. Such is this week's Ellipsis Monday Photo Shoot: Hit me with your best shot. Carly invites us to consider what kind of photography is our personal specialty, and post our best example of that.
   I don't think I really have a certain specialty when it comes to photography. I'm lucky if the shot is properly exposed and in focus. The picture I consider my favourite all-time photo was a lucky grab shot:


   That said, in perusing my photo archives, it strikes me that I seem to take a lot of pictures of leaves. Like these ones:



   Why not visit Carly at Ellipsis and play along.

   At the bottom of that entry, Carly asks a question: What sort of camera was your very first? Do you still own it? I'm not sure if that question is attached to this week's meme, or to last week's, but what the heck, I'll answer it anyways.
   My first serious camera was originally my Dad's. It was a 35mm Kodak Signet 40 rangefinder. I used it to take many pictures, including this one:


   I do still have it, although I have not used it in many years.


Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

Love the shot of the eye through the hands :o)

émilie b said...

That leaf on water (and the yellow sunlight through the window) has got me longing for spring. Is April still a long month away?

Carly said...

Hi Paul :)

Welcome to my version of the Monday Photo Shoot! I don't recall you playing along since I took over, so it is really nice to have you join us. I do hope you will again as the spirit moves you. :)

I love the first photo, WELL DONE! Sometimes that is the way it us with photography, the moment just grabs you and with a little luck you can hold it forever. :) The last photo, taken with your dad's camera, reminds me of Lake Tahoe. :) That makes me smile. It's really lovely. Where did you take that?


Tammy said...

I loved these Paul and that first one was very cool.

Barry Leiba said...

My first camera was a Brownie, and it's loooong dead and gone.

fdtate said...

You should get that old Kodak out, clean it up, stick some film in and see what happens.

Jama said...

I love the contrast of the red leaf against the green, so beautiful!

Liz said...

The 'aye' has it. :)

Suzanne R said...

All are exceptional photos. I like them very much.

Laura said...

I love the edge of the smile you can see through his hands! What a great (and lucky) shot.

I took some photos last year of leaves - their colors make them contrast well against their surroundings, as you caught in your photos.